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Explanation Of Umdatul Ahkaam of Imam Abdul Ghani Al-Maqdisi (English)


‘Umdatul Ahkam is a famous text that contains hadith pertaining to juristic rulings (ahkaam) from Bukhari & Muslim written by Imam Abd Al-Ghani Al-Maqdisi. Like Bulugh al Maram, ibn Hajar, the author leaves out the chains of narration and suffices with the name of the Sahabi. The ordering of the chapters falls in line with the Hanbali fiqh as the author himself was hanbali, yet despite that many scholars from other schools of thought paid great attention to this text, such as Ibn Daqeeq al ‘Eid and ibn al Mulaqqin. It Covers Twenty Chapters From: the Book of Purification, the Book of Prayer, the Book of Funerals, the Book of Zakat, the Book of Fasting, to the Book of Marriage the Book of Trade, the Book of Jihad to the Book of Food. all the way to the Book of Manumission of Slaves. Handy Pocket Size Copy.

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