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Afal-Al-Quran (Urdu)

by Professor Ashiq Hussian

Arabic is a living language. It has the ability to keep up with the times. Those who understand and speak this language are present in every region of the world. Learning and teaching Arabic language and literature is a religious and human need because the Holy Quran is the last message of Allah Almighty in the name of youth. Its language is also Arabic. Arabic is not only the language of livelihood but also the language of resurrection. It is our religious duty to broadcast this language. Madrassas of Arabia and modern universities have an important role to play in its promotion and dissemination. Arab-Indian relations are very old and the imprint of Arabic language is very much on the languages ​​here. India has always been associated with Arabic language and literature. Important books were written in Arabic here and Islamic schools made special arrangements for its teaching and learning. The book “Afaal-ul-Quran” under review is the work of Prof. Ashiq Hussain bin Matab Ali Sahib, in which he has collected the verbs used in the Quran and explained them literally and figuratively. Translating is very easy. We pray to Allah Almighty to accept this effort of the author and increase his good deeds. Amen (Rasikh)

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